These Values Guide Every Business Decision

Honest and ethical treatment of clients results in long-term relationships. Silver Creek HR will never compromise on ethics to gain or retain business or to make a profit. Business records will be accurate and all the company's dealings honest.

Exceptional customer service strengthens our reputation and leads to growth. We will learn our clients' business and stay current in the HR field in order to provide the best possible solutions. We will respond promptly to our clients.  A phone call or e-mail from a client is not an interruption to our business, it is our business.

Maintaining confidentiality creates trust. We will never reveal information about one client to another. We will maintain the confidentiality of HR records. We will conduct any investigations for our clients in the most confidential manner possible.

Respect for all people promotes partnership. Respect for others, regardless of how they differ from us, is core to our character. As we partner with others, we will listen to all points of view and remember that someone else may have the better solution.


What you do speaks so loudly people can't hear what you say.